Lottery Syndicates – A Sure Way to Boost Your Chances of Winning

Lottery Syndicates – A Sure Way to Boost Your Chances of Winning

Do you like to play the lottery? You might have had some good luck, but do you want more? Have you heard about lottery syndicates? Learn more about lottery syndicates, how to belong to one, how to play, and the advantages that you will have if you do join one.

Membership advantages

Belonging to a lottery syndicate by becoming a member will give you many e-luk advantages. One of them, and probably the most important, is that your chances of winning increase considerably. Also, with a direct debit system, you are ensured that you’ll never miss a lottery draw. It is very important that your personal data and money are always safe. Secure encryption online guarantees you are protected and all winnings are directly transferred into your personal bank account, securely, and without hassle.

Special Invitation

Becoming a member of a select lottery syndicate is usually done through a special invitation to participate in the group. The way to do it is through a request by email. All members must be over 18 years of age and have a verifiable email. You can also confirm your membership by telephone: you will receive confirmation from a center agent, along with your password and username to enter the dedicated member area on the website.

Your membership will also be confirmed when the first membership fee payment is made, and you receive a confirmation email with additional information about the contract, your personal data, etc.

How to play

Each of the syndicates has a total of 150 members, with 150 allocated lines. Each of the members can choose up to 5 personal numbers; these numbers then belong to all members of your personal syndicate, and the numbers selected will be sent to members by email, so you will be able to check the outcome of each draw. You will also have two lucky stars, that are one of the keys to winning the e-luk draw that you shouldn’t miss.

And the winner is…

You will be notified of the results following each playing period. And almost immediately you will know the amount won, and deposited in your online account. Each of member of your syndicate will receive an equal amount of any winnings; you can verify the amount won, and paid, at any time by simply logging into your member account.

After each draw, and confirmation of any winning numbers in the draw, the lottery syndicate organisers calculate, and pay, the amount of winnings corresponding to the winning syndicate(s), and the members of each winning syndicate.

Forget playing the traditional lottery on your own, the odds of winning are very small. Think big and win with an online lottery syndicate!